Christine Forester - President, Aalta Yarn

Aalta Yarn was created during Christine Welsh Forester’s MBA program at Philadelphia University, now Jefferson.

The name Aalta has a special meaning: Alta means “high” or “top” in Italian representing our commitment to only the best yarns, and Christine studied abroad in Helsinki Finland at Aalto University.

So the name Aalta Yarn was created, made even more meaningful by the fact that her Mother’s maiden name initials are AY.



To help people create handmade heirlooms that bring a legacy of joy by sourcing, developing, and delivering quality hand knitting yarns and accessories.


We believe in challenging the market and doing things differently. We believe in beautiful yarns, fibers and colors. We believe that all people should have access to our products. We will search the globe to find innovative products & fibers. We will offer fashionable and functional designs for all handwork artists. We support the needle arts industry. We support the local yarn shops. When you create a product using our designs and yarns, you can be certain that you have the finest fibers and instructions possible.


Ignite your senses and feel the difference. Think about the care and experience that went into creating the yarn. The act of knitting with this yarn will enrich you and motivate you towards excellence. Aalta Yarn will create a lasting bond in all communities. The artists that work with Aalta Yarn products will be connected through building communities. We will utilize all possible environmental, social and technical means.

Giving Back:

We feel strongly about giving back to the community. Aalta Yarn donates yarn to knitters and crocheters through local charities, as well as donating finished products to organizations like Project Linus and Tabor House. See our Charity page.

Aalta Yarn sources from mills that focus on innovative fiber and products. They’re not just yarn mills, but people who value and respect the industry, the earth and humanity as a whole.

Aalta Yarn will continue to source and offer top-quality yarns for the illustrious knitter. Pattern support will focus on fashion and practicality for all skill levels. Create your legacy with Aalta Yarn.



About Christine:

Christine completed her undergraduate studies at the Philadelphia College of Textile and Science (PCT&S). The institution is near and dear to Christine and carries a true legacy. Her Grandfather attended Philadelphia Textile Institute, and her father and aunt both attended PCT&S.

Christine’s career began in New York City selling domestically made yarns to apparel and upholstery companies. In the late 1990’s she witnessed the demise of the US Textile industry, and the organization needed to restructure to continue to grow in the changing environment. While at a trade show in Europe Christine discovered many important and influential Italian yarn mills.
With the diversity and innovation of the Italian yarn mills, the product portfolio diversified to include yarns that were perfect for the hand knitting yarn market. Christine began focusing on the US distributors of hand knitting yarns and she quickly became the lead sales person in the US.

In the early 2000’s Christine joined the leading distributor and worked with them for over a decade. She was at the top of the ladder with this family owned organization but wasn’t feeling challenged intellectually. As a mother of young twins it is always important to set high standards and be a role model, so she decided to go back to school for her MBA.


After visiting many universities and researching many programs she read this description in the Wall Street Journal about the Strategic Design MBA at her alma mater, Philadelphia University: “combining design thinking with the analytical intelligence of business prepares graduates to solve problems better in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business world.”  This program was a perfect fit. She enrolled, and during the program her entrepreneurial spirit was ignited.

Philadelphia University merged with Thomas Jefferson University to create Jefferson:

Aalta Yarn was created to utilize Christine’s two decades of industry expertise and provide the market with the highest possible quality yarns and accessories.