Shop Small Businesses

Shop Small Businesses

Why do we have to Shop Small Businesses?

For every $100 spent at a local business, $73 remains in the local community, $27 leaves. Compared to spending $100 at a Non-Local business, $43 stays in the community and $57 leaves.  Buying local has less of a carbon footprint and is better for the environment.

Here is the 2016, State of Small Business Report

When you shop small businesses, you are supporting your neighbor.  A small business owner can offer unique products that you can’t find at big box or discount store.  Small businesses need to remain innovative to survive in the competitive retail landscape.  Small businesses can choose their products for “Specifically” for you.  They choose to work with companies they respect.  They do not get a list of “approved vendors” from headquarters. So many times, during meetings, sales calls or co-creating appointments, I have heard things like, “these colors are perfect for Dorothy”, or “Rose would really enjoy knitting this pattern”, or “Blanche loves machine washable yarn”.  You can see the trends food for the “buy local” movement.  Buy local, shop small businesses, and secure the future of the local retail yarn shop by supporting them and their small businesses.

Strange but true:

Only 50% of small businesses provide their location, phone and email on their website, Really? This needs to change.  If you are looking for help on website development, checkout this company! They come HIGHLY recommended!

You can read “15 Facts Small Business Owners Want You To Know” here.

Shopping small business, shouldn’t be just 1 Saturday a year, it should be a way of life.  For a small business, their customers are their stakeholders.  They don’t have to answer to a board of directors, they have to answer to you.

Would you rather support a corporate company that doesn’t know you, or shop small businesses that greet you by first name when you walk through their door?

The future of “Main Street USA” is in your hands, PLEASE choose wisely.