Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF)

Last week I was invited to be a panelist at the Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) of Greater Philadelphia. “Art of Networking” was the topic of the day.  The event was held at the Deloitte’s office in Philadelphia.  The women in attendance were at various stages of their careers.  They represented companies, such as, Campbell Soup, Deloitte, GE, GSK, PNC Bank, and Sunoco to name a few.


The Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) of Greater Philadelphia hosts quarterly events.  They also publish a monthly newsletter.  The mission of the Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) is to advance the development, growth and sustainability of women’s networks and initiatives in companies through the Greater Philadelphia region by sharing their professional insight, supporting other networks, and influencing the company on diverse issue.  You can read more here.

Networking has been an important part of my career path.  When I began my career in New York city, I thought networking was so much fun, it came natural to me. Spending 11 years in the “Big Apple” in the yarn business was such an amazing experience. Then a natural transition took place when I began with Plymouth Yarn in the early 2000’s.  Plymouth was one of my customers, they were experience exponential growth.  I joined them as Marketing Manager and stayed with them for over a decade.  I also had the pleasure to work with Stacy Charles, a huge talent in this industry. I have huge respect for all of those that I work with during the last 20 years.  I learned and grew and networked my way to Aalta Yarn.

Now, Aalta Yarn is just over 1 year old and I am still learning and networking everyday.  Whether it is with a designer, knitter, shop owner, supplier etc. Each day, I work with an amazing network of independently owned small business. Many of which are women owned businesses.  Many were once, start ups like Aalta Yarn.  It is with much respect that I make a call and introduce myself and Aalta Yarn to these LYS’s.  It is these companies that support the communities in which we reside.

I encourage you to get active in a group that offers support and diversity.  The Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) is just one of the groups that I have found enriches me.  I believe that the TNNA is a wonderful organization.  I also feel strongly that we are all going to see amazing things from the new management company, Smith Bucklin.

Unleash your creative spirit and meet new and interested people from diverse backgrounds.

I would like to thank The Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) of Philadelphia for the opportunity to be a part of a great organization. The Women’s Leadership Forum has made a positive impact in my business.