Yarn Baskets and Bags – New Cat in Town, Made in the USA

There is a New Cat in Town, Yarn Baskets and Bags, Made in the USA. Created from years of qualitative and quantitative research, to provide, wholesales with the needed support and ammunition to sell through our products.

Answering the question:

How might we stimulate Local Yarn Shops and provide them with innovative products to differentiate their retail location from others?

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We are doing a soft launch to our local yarn shops now with limited quantities of our Yarn Baskets and Bags, Made in the USA.  In order to see the images of the product bundles and wholesale pricing for Baskets and Bags, just click here. You will also be able to see wholesale yarn and pattern pricing.

Woodside Cabin
Woodside Cabin

Baskets are great for storing your yarn.  You don’t have to worry about the yarn getting pulled in these baskets. Larger baskets for your stash or large projects.  The smaller baskets for portable projects.

The Woodside Cabin Collection (shown here) has a wine cozy, wool is a natural insulator, to keep your wine chilled perfectly.  And it is portable, with the leather shoulder strap!

The yarn baskets and bags make great holiday gift for all yarn aficionados!

They also make for a beautiful and functionable displays in your local yarn shop.

Collections are Limited Editions!!!!

Shipping immediately.

New Cat in Town, Yarn Baskets and Bags, Made in the USA

We are asking for you to support a new small business, a woman owned business.

Early adopters will receive “exclusive” special promotions.

We are the new cat in town and we thank you for your time and consideration.

All the best!

The Aalta Yarn Team

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New Cat in Town, Yarn Baskets and Bags, Made in the USA

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